Regarding the Technical Regulations if the Custom Union

Regarding the Technical Regulations if the Custom Union, all certifications obtained before the new legislative changes took place this year will only be valid until their expiration date or not later than February 15, 2015.

At this date, all previously issued certifications will need to be upgraded to the new TR CU declarations. Until February 15, 2015 allowed the production and release in the circulation of products in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the previously established regulations of the Customs Union, in the presence of evaluation documents of conformity for mandatory requirements issued or adopted prior to the effective date of the Technical Regulations. These products that were previously granted State Registration will need to obtain the Declaration of Conformity ; Except: 1) natural mineral water; 2) bottled drinking water, packaged in containers; 3) tonics; 4) supplements, complete diet supplements, flavorings, vegetable extracts as flavoring materials and raw materials, starter cultures of microorganisms and bacterial yeast, processing aids, including enzymes; 5) foods obtained using genetically modified (transgenic) organisms, including genetically modified microorganisms The above products will still need the State Registration. Furthermore, all product labeling should be done in a manner that shows the product complies with the new regulations of the Russian Custom Union. Few Certifications companies have the right Accreditation to issue the new CU certifications. We at GOST-Expert Inc pride ourselves on being fully accredited.